Productivity after 7 pm

A day job takes a lot out of us. Returning home at around 7 pm and then going back to office, the next morning is a bit of a monotonous routine which almost everyone of us do not appreciate. Even our families wait for weekends to enjoy with us and also get the chores done.…Read more Productivity after 7 pm


5 Simple ways to deal with Negative Situations

Most people are unable to overcome a negative situation. A negative situation may arise in your personal life such as not being able to get a job or in a relationship. It may also be in your professional life such as not able to get promotions, or up your product sales. These negative situations arise…Read more 5 Simple ways to deal with Negative Situations

10 Personal Success hacks

"Success is the ability to live your life the way you want to live it, doing what you most enjoy, surrounded by people who you admire and respect" - Brian Tracy There's a lot more that can be done with our time and habits to direct our attention to personal success without really disturbing much!…Read more 10 Personal Success hacks

One Bite at a Time!

How do you eat a big cake? The answer is simple, One Bite at a Time! The most simple way to achieve any big goal or target is to start with a step towards it, a step at a time. The very first prerequisite for this to happen is that you must have goals. To…Read more One Bite at a Time!

Put the band-aid, but fix the nail!

Businesses and Startups are often faced with problems, tough & easy, small & big. This article puts together an approach to tackle problems and fixing them for longer terms so that they do not occur again.

‘Mind Literacy’ — Getting to know what needs to be done

Today, we all are cluttered with loads of information which is either digital or analogue. Digital information load is becoming heavier and is often not streamlined, meaning that we have less or minimal control over its input streams. Pause here, and think around yourself, the amount of information input you receive on an average day.…Read more ‘Mind Literacy’ — Getting to know what needs to be done