‘Mind Literacy’ — Getting to know what needs to be done

Today, we all are cluttered with loads of information which is either digital or analogue. Digital information load is becoming heavier and is often not streamlined, meaning that we have less or minimal control over its input streams. Pause here, and think around yourself, the amount of information input you receive on an average day. This input stream of information includes emails, calls, new ideas as you read stuff online or offline, meetings, family events, birthdays, reminders, bill payments, reviewing your team tasks, buying groceries, medicines and much more.
The ‘key success factor’ here is to understand, what needs your attention and what does not. The very clarity of this leads to the start of a clutter free mind. Everything that you receive does not require processing. Building a system (either analogue, digital or a combo) ensures that you process the input information as ‘actionable’ & ‘for reference’.
For example, as I receive the monthly electricity bill, I scan it, put a reminder 5 days before its due date and purge the paper bill into the dustbin. However, for my car insurance, I pay the premium 5 days before the due date (thanks to the reminder I had set the previous year), scan the premium certificate and file its hard copy. And then, when I receive any announcement letter from my society, which is for my information only, I scan it and purge the hard copy right away.
Therefore, knowing what needs your attention and what to do with that, to put it on your to-do list or not, gives you clarity and clutter-free mind, which I call the mind literacy.
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